Celebrating the Mimbres
Celebrating the MimbresCelebrating the MimbresCelebrating The Mimbres - Back Cover

Celebrating the Mimbres


Celebrating the Mimbres
Celebrating the Mimbres

Product Description

Celebrating the Mimbres: Large Wall Hanging 33″ w x 32″ h
Small Wall Hanging 26″ w x 25″ h

A machine applique pattern featuring 9 different sized off-white blocks set with black sashing and framed in a black border with black binding. Nine black silhouettes are fused with paper-backed fusible web on the off-white colored blocks. The silhouettes include a Fish, Jack Rabbit, Bighorn Sheep, Hawk Moth, Squirrel, Turkey Pronghorn Antelope, Frog and a Quail.

HISTORY: The Mimbres people, a subset of the Mogollon culture, lived a thousand years ago, from about 1000-1300 AD. Their home was southwest New Mexico along the Gila and Mimbres Rivers, and in southeast Arizona. They lived in pueblo villages, grew crops and raised their families. It is believed the Mimbres were assimilated into other tribes during an especially bad drought period in the Southwest.

The Mimbres are typically defined by their “black and white” pottery. This pottery included designs from their everyday life in the form of animals, birds, insects, frogs, fish, humans and geometric lines. The figures are very distinctive and usually painted on the inside of pottery bowls. Fine lines, sharp points and dramatic curves help define their pottery, which can be seen mainly in museums today.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 1 in