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The Chili Rounder pattern is my best seller.

I got a new order yesterday, and the first item listed was the Chili Rounder pattern. It isn’t surprising. It has been my best selling pattern.

Sandra Eichenberg (owner of Quilts Ol`e in Corrales, New Mexico)and I were brainstorming pattern ideas at her shop one day when she said she would like to see chilies formed in a circle for a round table. I said, “You mean a Chili Rounder rather than a Chili Runner?” She said, “YES!”, and I ran with the idea.

I don’t know if it sells well because it is an interesting concept, or because there are three sizes in the pattern, or because it can be hung on a wall, or even cut for a Christmas Tree Skirt. Whatever the reason, it is my best seller, and I am forever grateful for Sandra’s inspired idea.

2 thoughts on “The Chili Rounder pattern is my best seller.

  1. I found your blog and just wanted to tell you I abuolstely love the colorful curves you’re working on! I’m going to give your techniques a try I have lots of solid scraps leftover and they would look great in one of these quilts.

    1. Hey Ariane, I just got back to my blog page and found your note. I do hope you have great results with your scrap fabrics. I like patterns that can use scraps, and most of mine do. Let me know how it turns out.

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