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The story behind my Holiday Chile Stockings pattern.

Long before there was a PWD, before the Chili Sampler quilt, even before I began quilting in earnest, I wanted Chili Stockings for our fireplace. The “Red, Green or Christmas” chile question had been instilled in this transplant to New Mexico, and I could easily see the traditional Christmas Stocking shape morphing into a Christmas Chile shape. But it just didn’t get done.

I bought Chile Ristas to hang on our house through the winter months, and had a Chile Wreath on the door much of the year. Finally, when the Chili Sampler pattern was completed and I was asked, “What’s next?,” the Chile Stocking design came into its own. It has been a very good selling pattern, with two chile shapes done in red and green. Some quilters hang them on the wall, and some have done placemats with the shapes. They are also nice for filling and placing under the tree if a fireplace isn’t available.

The winter holidays are coming. Do you need a little Chile Stocking in your agenda this year?

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